Daedeok R&D Center
Established in 1987, DL Chemical R&D center has made remarkable contributions to the development of technology in the Korean petrochemical industry. The center has marked a series of ‘firsts’ including commercialization of metallocene polyethylene, commercialization of polybutene and exporting petrochemical technology to the U.S market. Daedeok R&D center will continue to develop high value cutting edge technologies to lead the future.
  • Competitiveness in future technology
    We develop competitive new technologies to lead the market.
  • Maximization of customer value
    We continue to bolster our competitiveness by improving quality, developing new products and enhancing productivity based on our commitment to maximizing customer value.
  • Reinforcement of R&D capability
    We continue to bolster DL Chemical’s R&D capability with the best talents.

R&D areas and accomplishments

  • Polyethylene
    We are increasing product properties and processability, exploring new goods and application development and offering customers and processing firms with timely and comprehensive technical support.
    • Polyethylene quality improvement research and new product development
    • Development of new polyethylene uses and research on high functionalization
    • Technical support for new product development by processing companies
    • Research on the development of eco-friendly products
  • Specialty
    Based on the response and process research, we create market-leading, high-quality, differentiated goods, and provide relevant technology to our customers.
    • Research into the high functionalization of polybutene compounds and the development of novel applications
    • Product development research for lube base oil
    • New specialty product development and research
  • Catalytic process
    Metallocene catalysts and process technologies that have been developed through the use of unique catalyst technology are being applied to the slurry/gas phase of the polymerization process.
    We are promoting the development of various high-value-added goods and catalyst/process development as a result of this.
    • Investing in research to improve the excellence of manufacturing technology
    • Catalyst development, improvement, and process improvement research
  • BOPP films
    We have been researching ways to increase product quality, new product and usage research, cost reduction, and fair efficiency.
    • New product development research for BOPP films
    • Development of new uses for BOPP films
    • BOPP cost reduction and quality improvement research
  • Advanced technology research
    Through an in-depth understanding of technology/product trends, information collection, and research activities targeting future promising businesses such as new polymer materials, we are making every effort to develop new business areas to enhance the company's long-term competitiveness and secure growth.
    • Research on new business development tasks and discovery of new growth engines
    • Research on new projects and research and development of preliminary and entrusted projects
    • Establishment and promotion of new task devising strategies
  • Metallocene Polyethylene
    It is a product that advances technology through the creation of catalytic manufacturing methods that can be applied to all of the various metallocene catalysts, slurry, and vapor processes.
    It is a product that advances technology through the creation of catalytic manufacturing methods that can be applied to all of the various metallocene catalysts, slurry, and vapor processes.
    • Received IR52 Jang Young-sil Award (2021)
    • Received the Minister of Knowledge Economy Award on Chemical Industry Day (2010)
    • Received IR52 Jang Young-sil Award (2014)
    • Selected as a world-class product
    By utilizing polymerization in two continuous gas phase reactors, we were able to create a product with a bimodal molecular weight distribution even in the gas phase process. It is used for piping, blow, and film applications due to its outstanding processability and long-term physical qualities.
  • Polybutene
    As Korea’s first general-purpose polybutene developed in 1993, the world's first highly reactive polybutene developed in 2010, the world's first all-purpose-high-reactive polybutene bottle production method, and Korea's first technology export to the US market in 2015, it is a specialty product that has set and broke many of its records in the Korean petrochemical industry. It is used as a lubricant additive and fuel cleaner to boost customer value as a high-quality, eco-friendly product.
    • Received IR52 Jang Young- sil Award (1996, 2015)
    • Selected as one of Korea's top 100 technologies
    • Selected as one of 70 representative technologies for the 70th anniversary of the liberation
  • HecoSolv DB
    It is a novel material that has achieved commercialization for the first time by independently creating catalytic reaction and separation process technology utilizing C4 oil. It has the advantage of enhancing the environment and boosting workability over existing goods due to its low odor features, therefore it can be used for a variety of purposes such as cleaning agents for electronic equipment, road solvents, plasticizers, hydraulic oil, herbicides, and insecticides.
  • Synthetic Oil
    It is the first synthetic oil in Korea that is made through the polymerization of both ethylene and propylene based on DL Chemical’s catalyst technology. It serves a wide range of applications including gear oil and viscosity enhancer.
  • BOPP films
    We develop special films to satisfy various customer demands including cigarette packing, white opacity, and matte film.
Current Status of Intellectual Property Rights
Key Technology Application Registration
Domestic Overseas Domestic Overseas
Polyethylene Catalyst & Process 42 108 35 68
Polybutene Catalyst & Process 27 121 20 70
Polymer Processing 59 17 41 9
Specialty chemical 63 60 30 33
Petrochemicals Process 31 10 23 4
Total 222 316 149 184