ESG Management
DL Chemical's ESG Management
DL Chemical conducts sustainable management operations that prioritize the environment and safety, and it seeks to grow in collaboration with the local community and partner companies.
5 Core Values of ESG Management
    • 1
      Virtuous cycle of resources
      Various efforts are being made, including the production of easy-to-recycle products, the development of recycled raw materials, and the implementation of a virtuous resource cycle.
    • 2
      Climate change
      Recognizing the significance of environmental issues, we are taking proactive measures to address climate change, a worldwide environmental issue.
    • 3
      Safety and health
      DL Chemical has established and is operating an HSE (Safety, Health, Environment) management system, as part of its social obligation to prevent workplace accidents and offer a healthy environment for employees.
    • 4
      We vow to strictly adhere to the rules for ethical management for all employees by building an ethical management system and voluntarily complying with fair trade.
    • 5
      Win-win management
      We strive for shared growth with our partners by conducting fair and transparent transactions, providing mutual technical support, and assisting in the reduction of transaction costs.
Sustainability Report
Sustainability report for everyone's future