A global top 20
petrochemical company
DL Chemical, a leading business in the Korean petrochemical industry, is now taking a leap to become a global top 20 petrochemical company.
VISION GLOBAL TOP 20, Global business expansion, Specialty business Portfolio expansion, Customer value creation, Practicing environmental and social responsibility VISION GLOBAL TOP 20, Global business expansion, Specialty business Portfolio expansion, Customer value creation, Practicing environmental and social responsibility
47 years of expertise in facility management and operation
Based on its world best expertise in facility management and operation, DL Chemical has consolidated its leading position in the industry.
Optimization of the operation of the NCC and the PE plants with its world best expertise in facility management and operation
YEOCHUN NCC is equippedwith world best energy efficiency
Unrivalled competitivenessin material cost of PE (excl. raw material)
Innovative Technology
DL Chemical is expanding the sales of high value premium products developed on its world leading R&D capability.
First in Korea to commercialize production of mPE (metallocene polyethylene) (2006)
Second in the worldto begin the commercial production of the next-generation mPE (BOCD) (2020)
Established a plant for production of the next generation mPE(BOCD)based on its own catalyst and process technologies (2021)
World No. 1 in PB (Polybutene) Market
DL Chemical is the No. 1 business in the global PB market (open market) with a 28% of market share.
World No. 1 in the open marketwith the production capacity of 200,000 tons per annum
The only company capable of producingCon-PB and HR PB at the same facility
First Korean company to export petrochemical technologyto the U.S market (2015)
No. 1 in the global market of synthetic rubber and latex for medical gloves
We own 75% of the global market of synthetic medical glove material with our industry leading material technology.
Leader in the global marketof synthetic medical glove material
The only company to produceIsoprene Rubber Latex with the anionic polymerization technology
Excellent safeness guaranteedwithout allergens

CEO Message

DL케미칼 CEO 사진

Welcome to DL Chemical

DL Chemical has been leading the growth of the Korean petrochemical industry. Since we entered the industry in 1979, we have taken our R&D capability to a global level propelling the growth of the Korean petrochemical industry. DL Chemical is the second company in the world to have developed the next generation Metallocene Polyethylene and the first Korean company to export petrochemical technology to the U.S market.

We are now vigorously expanding our presence in the global market following consistent successes in new business investments overseas. DL Chemical now has become an indisputable global company with renowned global tech businesses under our wing including Kraton, the No. 1 company in the U.S and European SBC markets as well as the largest biochemical company in the world and Cariflex who is responsible for 75% of the global demand for synthetic rubber for medical gloves.

Our goal is yet to be accomplished. We are aiming to grow to a top 20 petrochemical company in the world. We will continue to be committed to value innovation for environment, society and people in addition to establishing an extensive product portfolio, from basic materials to high value-added specialty products, to become a genuinely global company.

Thank you for your continued support of DL Chemical.
We will make our best endeavors to contribute to enriching your life through sustainable growth.

DL Chemical CEO
President Kim, Jonghyun


We work together to lead
the future of the petrochemical industry.
DL Chemical is creating great synergy in collaboration with its subsidiaries and affiliates.
DL Chemical
The world's largest advanced thermoplastic Elastomer (SBC) production
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Global No.1in synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber latex
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BOPP film manufacture
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Extablished D-REX Polymer for amorphous poly alpha olefins (APAO) production
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Top NCC company in Korea Producing basic raw materials for various areas of the petrochemical industry
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The finest polypropylene manufacturer in Korea
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An innovator to develop and commercialize future innovative products
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Financial Information

We are fully committed to creating new values.
DL Chemical is expanding into new markets with high value premium products based on its world leading R&D capabilities and strong global networks.
Asset Asset
Sales Sales
Operating Profit Operating Profit
* DL Chemical+Affiliates(Cariflex+DL FnC+D-REX Polymer) / YEOCHUN NCC (50%) / PMC (50%) *Equity Method


Basics lead us to innovation.
The bold capital letters of the CI demonstrates DL’s commitment to innovation without compromising basics.
The sophisticated modern blue color also symbolizes DL Chemical’s determination to grow to a global company.
DL Blue
Pantone 289 C
C100 M66 Y0 K76
R12 G35 B64
DL Light Gray
K60, R137, G137, B137
DL Gray
K80, R89, G87, B87
Technology gives a rise
to customer satisfaction.
D.FINE, D.XPOLY, D.POLYBUTEN and D.SYNOL. These are what DL Chemical has to offer for customer satisfaction based on technology.
The integration of the company name with product essences demonstrates DL Chemical’s confidence in quality and customer satisfaction.
The hexagonal molecular shape logo articulates DL Chemical’s commitment to exploring into a new future based on constant innovation and relentless pioneer spirit.
DL Blue
C100 M66 Y0 K76
R12 G35 B64
C76 M0 Y0 K0
R0 G181 B226
D.XPOLY Orange
C0 M83 Y90 K0
R255 G75 B0
C82 M6 Y43 K0
R0 G175 B170
D.SYNOL Yellow
C0 M37 Y85 K0
R255 G183 B16


We continue to endeavor
to move up to a next stage .
Having acquired global technology businesses including Carifex and Kraton following the establishment of a new plant for the next generation metallocene polyethylene, we still continue our endeavors to grow to a global company.
  • 2022 Acquired Kraton
  • 2021 Entered into a joint venture D-REX Polymer with REXtac
  • 2021 Increased production capacity of PE (250KTA)
  • 2020 Acquired Cariflex
  • 2020 Began commercial production of the NG mPE
  • 2019 Developed EPO source technology and started commercial production (5KTA)
  • 2017 Extended PB2 plant (100KTA)
  • 2015 Exported DL Chemical’s unique Polybutene production technology to the U.S market
  • 2010 Commercialized production of HR PB for the first time in Korea
  • 2006 Succeeded in production of mLLDPE for the first time in Korea
  • 2000 Jointly established Poly Mirae with Lyondell Basell to produce PP
  • 1999 Jointly established Yeocheon NCC with Hanhwa
  • 1994 Commenced operation of the LLDPE plant
  • 1993 Began commercial production of C-PB
  • 1992 Developed C-PB
  • 1992 Established Daedeok R&D cente
  • 1987 Incorporated Honam Ethylene into Daelim Petrochemical Business Department
  • 1979 Acquired Honam Ethylene
  • 1975 Honam Ethylene established


Our world best technology
leads the global market.
DL Chemical is a global petrochemical company in possession of extensive expertise in plant operation and world class R&D capability; DL Chemical is the first Korean company to ever export petrochemical technology to the U.S market and is the second company in the world to have developed the next generation Metallocene Polyethylene. DL Chemical has been making an array of endeavors in pursuit of expanding its specialty business and entering into new markets as the company has acquired Kraton and Cariflex.
Domestic Network map
  • Domestic Network
    [03181] 26 FL, Donuimun Gate, D Tower, 134 Tongil-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    (02) 3708-3000
    (02) 753-4911
  • Yeosu Plant
    220-10, Yeosusandan 2-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
    (061) 688-6414
    (061) 688-6419
  • Daedeok R&D Center
    106, Seongnam- ro, Yuseong -gu, Daejeon
    (042) 869-7114
    (042) 861-1729
  • DL FnC
    802, Gwahak-ro, Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    (063) 260-1114
    (063) 261-0149
  • D-Rex Polymer
    Yeosu National Industrial Complex, Jeollanam-do
    02) 6377-5807
Overseas Network map
  • China
    DL Chemical Yibianshi(Shanghai) Trading Co.,LTD.
    1501 Tower A The Place of Shanghai No. 100 Zunyi Rd., Shanghai, 200051
  • Vietnam
    DL Chemical Ho Chi Minh Office
    L9-10, 9F, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Singapore
    DL Chemical Singapore Branch
    20 Anson Road #08-04 Singapore 079912
DL Chemical Singapore Branch map
  • Headquarters (Singapore)
    6 Shenton Way, #25-11 OUE Downtown 2, Singapore 068809
  • Plant (Brazil)
    Av. Roberto Simonsen, 1040 - Recanto dos Pássaros, Paulínia - SP
  • R&D Center (Netherlands)
    Asterweg 19A1 / 1031 HL Amsterdam, NL
Subsidiary Kraton map
  • R&D Center & Plant (US)

    2419 State Route 618 Belpre, Ohio 45714

    1201 W Lathrop Avenue Savannah, Georgia 31415

  • Plant (US)

    875 Harger Street Dover, Ohio 44622

    2 S. Everitt Avenue Panama City, Florida 32401

    411 S. Pace Boulevard Pensacola, Florida 32502

  • R&D Center (U.S.)
    16400 Park Row Lane, Houston TX 77084
  • Plant (France)

    Pôle Pétrochimique de Berre Chemin Départemental 54, BP 14, 13131 Berre l’Etang Cedex Berre, France

    262, Rue Jean Jaures Niort, France 79000

  • R&D Center (Brazil)
    740, Roberto Simonsen Av - Recanto dos Pássaros, Paulínia - SP, 13148-901
  • Plant (Germany)

    80, Ludwig Hermann Strasse Gersthofen, Germany 86368

    60 Brühlerstrasse 50389 Wesseling, Germany

  • R&D Center (Netherlands)

    Transistorstraat 16, 1322 CE Almere, Netherlands

    Asterweg 19 A7, A8, A9, A14, A45, A46and A10, 1031HL, Amsterdam

  • Plant (Philand)
    17, Nuottasaarentie Oulu, Finland 90400
  • R&D Center (India)
    Ground Floor of BTRA A Block on LBS Ghatkopar West, Mumbai - 400086, India
  • Plant (Sweden)
    15, Mässvägen 820 22 Sandarne, Sweden
  • R&D Center (China)
    F1-A & F2-A1 No. 473 Fute West Road, Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ
  • Plant (Taiwan)
    A Joint Venture between Kraton and the Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Mailiao Township, Yunlin County Taiwan
  • R&D Center (Japan)
    3F, 5-9-1, Tokodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 300-2635 Japan
  • Plant (Japan)
    A Joint Venture between Kraton and Japan Synthetic Rubber Co. Kamisu City, Ibaraki, Japan