Anonymous Ethics Hotline
If you report any violations of regulations, laws, or unethical behaviors by employees, we will respond sincerely after investigation.
Notes on Submitting a Report
We will try our best to quickly resolve your report. Any issues related to actions listed below are all reportable.
Embezzlement / Corruption
Safety and Environmental Accidents
Unfair Transaction
Document Manipulation
Sexual Harassment / Workplace Harassment
Other Illegal Activities
Investigations are based on the contents of the report.
Reports with unverifiable facts or insufficient details might not be subject to an investigation.
Informant Protection
  • 1.Protection of the Identity of the Informant and the Contents of the Report
  • 2.Strict Prohibition of Retalitory Disadvantages or Discrimination Due to a Valid Claim
  • 3.Protection of Any Persons Cooperating in the Investigation by Giving Testimonies or Providing Documents
  • 4.Consideration of Reduction or Exemption of Disciplinary Measures to the Informant involved in Unethical Behaviors
Do you agree to the notes regarding the reporting procedure?
(Consent is required for report submission)